Steve Koss

Cuts: Photographs from the Avenue of Fashion


Detroit's Avenue of Fashion

Commissioned for the Detroit Historical Society, Cuts documents the up-town neighborhoods that combine together to be known as the Avenue of Fashion. This portrait based project was created to capture the various small business owners that live and work along the avenue. Photographed during the spring of 2017, this short survey of the area will only grow more important as changes advance within the area. The issues that face the Avenue of Fashion are paired within Detroit's economic history.

While Detroit's downtown area has seen much attention over the last few years much of the regions neighborhoods have not felt the same relief. Only erectly have steps begun to address the city's larger issues. As of February of 2018 a new stimulus package along with plans for an 8.3 million dollar developments named 7.Liv has been released, adding new momentum to an already rapidly changing business district. 

These portraits, along with their introduction into the Detroit Historical Society's archive, aim to reveal to a larger public more about the people of Detroit and preserve their place with the city's 143 square miles. 

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